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For this present recording scheme we basically used two kinds of data sources:

  1. publicly available publications and unpublished survey reports and academic papers, and
  2. private collections and private faunistic databases.

The review of faunistic publications is nearly complete only for Nord Rhine-Westphalia (reviewed by Dr. Martin Kreuels) und Rhineland-Palatinate (reviewed by Annette Lehna and Horst Krummenauer). In 2003 the review of material for Baden-Württemberg was completed (reviewed by D. Nährig, K.-H. Harms, J. Kiechle und J. Spelda).

For the rest of Germany the percentage of reviewed literature is probably below 50%.

We like to take this opportunity to thank all persons who provided data from their collections and databases!

3 sources:

Iorio É (2002): Découverte de la présence de l'Araignée Orthognathe Atypus affinis EICHWALD, 1830 dans deux nouvelles localités en Moselle (57) et Meurthe-et-Moselles (54).Bulletin de Phyllie 13: 29–30 
Iorio É (2003): Chthonius (Ephippiochthonius) tetrachelatus (Preyssler, 1790) observé à Liocourt (Moselle - 57) (Pseudoscorpiones, Epiocheirata, Chthonioidea, Chthoniidae).Bulletin de Phyllie 17: 51–51 
Iorio É & Staudt A (2007): Un aperçu de la diversité arachnologique des pelouses calcaires de la vallée du Rupt de Mad en Meurthe-et-Moselle (Arachnida, Araneae).Le Bulletin d' Arthropoda 33: 34–49