All species with records

This is a list of species that have at least one record in the Atlas.

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Total: 1,601 species

Araneae, True Spiders

Agelenidae, Funnelweb spiders

Agelena labyrinthica (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Agelena orientalis C. L. Koch, 1837 accepted
Allagelena gracilens (C. L. Koch, 1841) accepted
Coelotes atropos (Walckenaer, 1830) accepted
Coelotes pickardi tirolensis (Kulczyński, 1906) accepted
Coelotes solitarius L. Koch, 1868 accepted
Coelotes terrestris (Wider, 1834) accepted
Eratigena agrestis (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Eratigena atrica (C. L. Koch, 1843) accepted
Eratigena fuesslini (Pavesi, 1873) accepted
Eratigena picta (Simon, 1870) accepted
Eratigena saeva (Blackwall, 1844) accepted
Eratigena vomeroi (Brignoli, 1977) accepted
Histopona torpida (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Inermocoelotes inermis (L. Koch, 1855) accepted
Maimuna cretica (Kulczyński, 1903) accepted
Tegenaria campestris (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Tegenaria domestica (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Tegenaria ferruginea (Panzer, 1804) accepted
Tegenaria hasperi Chyzer, 1897 accepted
Tegenaria mirifica Thaler, 1987 accepted
Tegenaria parietina (Fourcroy, 1785) accepted
Tegenaria ramblae Barrientos, 1978 accepted
Tegenaria silvestris L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Tegenaria tridentina L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Textrix caudata L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Textrix denticulata (Olivier, 1789) accepted
Textrix pinicola Simon, 1875 accepted
Textrix rubrofoliata Pesarini, 1990 accepted
Urocoras longispina (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted

30 species in the family.

Amaurobiidae, Laceweb spiders

Amaurobius crassipalpis Canestrini & Pavesi, 1870 accepted
Amaurobius cretaensis Wunderlich, 1995 accepted
Amaurobius erberi (Keyserling, 1863) accepted
Amaurobius fenestralis (Ström, 1768) accepted
Amaurobius ferox (Walckenaer, 1830) accepted
Amaurobius jugorum L. Koch, 1868 accepted
Amaurobius obustus L. Koch, 1868 accepted
Amaurobius occidentalis Simon, 1892 accepted
Amaurobius pallidus L. Koch, 1868 accepted
Amaurobius similis (Blackwall, 1861) accepted
Callobius claustrarius (Hahn, 1833) accepted

11 species in the family.


Comaroma simoni Bertkau, 1889 accepted
Pseudanapis aloha Forster, 1959 accepted

2 species in the family.

Anyphaenidae, Buzzing spiders

Anyphaena accentuata (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Anyphaena furva Miller, 1967 accepted

2 species in the family.

Araneidae, Orbweb spiders

Aculepeira armida (Audouin, 1826) accepted
Aculepeira carbonaria (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Aculepeira ceropegia (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Agalenatea redii (Scopoli, 1763) accepted
Araneus alsine (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Araneus angulatus Clerck, 1757 accepted
Araneus circe (Audouin, 1826) accepted
Araneus diadematus Clerck, 1757 accepted
Araneus marmoreus Clerck, 1757 accepted
Araneus nordmanni (Thorell, 1870) accepted
Araneus pallidus (Olivier, 1789) accepted
Araneus quadratus Clerck, 1757 accepted
Araneus saevus (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Araneus sturmi (Hahn, 1831) accepted
Araneus triguttatus (Fabricius, 1775) accepted
Araniella alpica (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Araniella cucurbitina (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Araniella displicata (Hentz, 1847) accepted
Araniella inconspicua (Simon, 1874) accepted
Araniella opisthographa (Kulczyński, 1905) accepted
Araniella proxima (Kulczyński, 1885) accepted
Argiope bruennichi (Scopoli, 1772) accepted
Argiope lobata (Pallas, 1772) accepted
Argiope trifasciata (Forsskål, 1775) accepted
Cercidia prominens (Westring, 1851) accepted
Cyclosa conica (Pallas, 1772) accepted
Cyclosa oculata (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Cyclosa sierrae Simon, 1870 accepted
Cyrtarachne ixoides (Simon, 1870) accepted
Cyrtophora citricola (Forsskål, 1775) accepted
Gasteracantha cancriformis (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Gibbaranea bituberculata (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Gibbaranea bruuni Lissner, 2016 accepted
Gibbaranea gibbosa (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Gibbaranea omoeda (Thorell, 1870) accepted
Gibbaranea ullrichi (Hahn, 1835) accepted
Glyptogona sextuberculata (Keyserling, 1863) accepted
Hypsosinga albovittata (Westring, 1851) accepted
Hypsosinga heri (Hahn, 1831) accepted
Hypsosinga pygmaea (Sundevall, 1831) accepted
Hypsosinga sanguinea (C. L. Koch, 1844) accepted
Larinia bonneti Spassky, 1939 accepted
Larinia elegans Spassky, 1939 accepted
Larinioides cornutus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Larinioides ixobolus (Thorell, 1873) accepted
Larinioides patagiatus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Larinioides sclopetarius (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Larinioides suspicax (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1876) accepted
Mangora acalypha (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Neoscona adianta (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Neoscona byzanthina (Pavesi, 1876) accepted
Neoscona subfusca (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Nuctenea silvicultrix (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Nuctenea umbratica (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Singa hamata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Singa lucina (Audouin, 1826) accepted
Singa nitidula C. L. Koch, 1844 accepted
Zilla diodia (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted

58 species in the family.

Atypidae, Purseweb spiders

Atypus sp. (Schlauchfunde) species group
Atypus affinis Eichwald, 1830 accepted
Atypus muralis Bertkau, 1890 accepted
Atypus piceus (Sulzer, 1776) accepted

4 species in the family.


Cheiracanthium campestre Lohmander, 1944 accepted
Cheiracanthium effossum Herman, 1879 accepted
Cheiracanthium elegans Thorell, 1875 accepted
Cheiracanthium erraticum (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Cheiracanthium furculatum Karsch, 1879 accepted
Cheiracanthium gratum Kulczyński, 1897 accepted
Cheiracanthium mildei L. Koch, 1864 accepted
Cheiracanthium montanum L. Koch, 1877 accepted
Cheiracanthium oncognathum Thorell, 1871 accepted
Cheiracanthium pennyi O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873 accepted
Cheiracanthium punctorium (Villers, 1789) accepted
Cheiracanthium virescens (Sundevall, 1833) accepted

12 species in the family.

Clubionidae, Sac spiders

Clubiona alpicola Kulczyński, 1882 accepted
Clubiona brevipes Blackwall, 1841 accepted
Clubiona caerulescens L. Koch, 1867 accepted
Clubiona comta C. L. Koch, 1839 accepted
Clubiona corticalis (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Clubiona diversa O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1862 accepted
Clubiona frisia Wunderlich & Schuett, 1995 accepted
Clubiona frutetorum L. Koch, 1867 accepted
Clubiona germanica Thorell, 1871 accepted
Clubiona hilaris Simon, 1878 accepted
Clubiona juvenis Simon, 1878 accepted
Clubiona kulczynskii Lessert, 1905 accepted
Clubiona lutescens Westring, 1851 accepted
Clubiona marmorata L. Koch, 1866 accepted
Clubiona neglecta O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1862 accepted
Clubiona norvegica Strand, 1900 accepted
Clubiona pallidula (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Clubiona phragmitis C. L. Koch, 1843 accepted
Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderlich, 1994 accepted
Clubiona reclusa O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863 accepted
Clubiona rosserae Locket, 1953 accepted
Clubiona saxatilis L. Koch, 1866 accepted
Clubiona similis L. Koch, 1867 accepted
Clubiona stagnatilis Kulczyński, 1897 accepted
Clubiona subsultans Thorell, 1875 accepted
Clubiona subtilis L. Koch, 1867 accepted
Clubiona terrestris Westring, 1851 accepted
Clubiona trivialis C. L. Koch, 1843 accepted
Porrhoclubiona genevensis (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Porrhoclubiona leucaspis (Simon, 1932) accepted

30 species in the family.


Phoneutria boliviensis (F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1897) accepted

1 species in the family.

Cybaeidae, Soft spiders

Cryphoeca lichenum L. Koch, 1876 accepted
Cryphoeca lichenum nigerrima Thaler, 1978 accepted
Cryphoeca silvicola (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Cybaeus angustiarum L. Koch, 1868 accepted
Cybaeus tetricus (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Mastigusa arietina (Thorell, 1871) accepted
Mastigusa macrophthalma (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted
Tuberta maerens (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted

8 species in the family.


Badumna longinqua (L. Koch, 1867) accepted

1 species in the family.

Dictynidae, Meshweb spiders

Altella aussereri Thaler, 1990 accepted
Altella biuncata (Miller, 1949) accepted
Altella hungarica Loksa, 1981 accepted
Altella lucida (Simon, 1874) accepted
Archaeodictyna ammophila (Menge, 1871) accepted
Archaeodictyna consecuta (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) accepted
Archaeodictyna minutissima (Miller, 1958) accepted
Argenna patula (Simon, 1874) accepted
Argenna subnigra (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1861) accepted
Argyroneta aquatica (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Brigittea civica (Lucas, 1848) accepted
Brigittea latens (Fabricius, 1775) accepted
Brigittea vicina (Simon, 1873) accepted
Brommella falcigera (Balogh, 1935) accepted
Dictyna arundinacea (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Dictyna major Menge, 1869 accepted
Dictyna pusilla Thorell, 1856 accepted
Dictyna uncinata Thorell, 1856 accepted
Emblyna annulipes (Blackwall, 1846) accepted
Emblyna brevidens (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted
Emblyna mitis (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Lathys heterophthalma Kulczyński, 1891 accepted
Lathys humilis (Blackwall, 1855) accepted
Lathys narbonensis (Simon, 1876) accepted
Lathys stigmatisata (Menge, 1869) accepted
Marilynia bicolor (Simon, 1870) accepted
Nigma flavescens (Walckenaer, 1830) accepted
Nigma puella (Simon, 1870) accepted
Nigma walckenaeri (Roewer, 1951) accepted

29 species in the family.

Dysderidae, Woodlouse spiders

Dasumia canestrinii (L. Koch, 1876) accepted
Dasumia taeniifera Thorell, 1875 accepted
Dysdera andreinii Caporiacco, 1928 accepted
Dysdera caeca Ribera, 1993 accepted
Dysdera cechica Řezáč, 2018 accepted
Dysdera crocata C. L. Koch, 1838 accepted
Dysdera erythrina (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Dysdera fuscipes Simon, 1882 accepted
Dysdera hungarica Kulczyński, 1897 accepted
Dysdera kollari Doblika, 1853 accepted
Dysdera lagrecai Alicata, 1964 accepted
Dysdera lata Reuss, 1834 accepted
Dysdera longirostris Doblika, 1853 accepted
Dysdera microdonta Řezáč, 2014 accepted
Dysdera moravica Řezáč, 2014 accepted
Dysdera ninnii Canestrini, 1868 accepted
Harpactea arguta (Simon, 1907) accepted
Harpactea grisea (Canestrini, 1868) accepted
Harpactea hombergi (Scopoli, 1763) accepted
Harpactea lepida (C. L. Koch, 1838) accepted
Harpactea rubicunda (C. L. Koch, 1838) accepted
Harpactea saeva (Herman, 1879) accepted
Harpactea sicula Alicata, 1966 accepted
Harpactea stalitoides Ribera, 1993 accepted
Harpactocrates drassoides (Simon, 1882) accepted

25 species in the family.

Eresidae, Velvet spiders

Eresus kollari Rossi, 1846 accepted
Eresus moravicus Řezáč, 2008 accepted
Eresus sandaliatus (Martini & Goeze, 1778) accepted
Eresus walckenaeri Brullé, 1832 accepted
Stegodyphus lineatus (Latreille, 1817) accepted

5 species in the family.


Filistata insidiatrix (Forsskål, 1775) accepted
Filistata pygmaea Zonstein, Marusik & Grabolle, 2018 accepted
Pritha pallida (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted

3 species in the family.

Gnaphosidae, Ground spiders

Anagraphis ochracea (L. Koch, 1867) accepted
Aphantaulax cincta (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Aphantaulax trifasciata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) accepted
Berinda infumata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) accepted
Berlandina cinerea (Menge, 1872) accepted
Callilepis nocturna (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Callilepis schuszteri (Herman, 1879) accepted
Civizelotes caucasius (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Civizelotes dentatidens (Simon, 1914) accepted
Civizelotes gracilis (Canestrini, 1868) accepted
Civizelotes pygmaeus (Miller, 1943) accepted
Cryptodrassus hungaricus (Balogh, 1935) accepted
Drassodes cupreus (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Drassodes lapidosus (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Drassodes pubescens (Thorell, 1856) accepted
Drassodes serratichelis (Roewer, 1928) accepted
Drassodes villosus (Thorell, 1856) accepted
Drassodex heeri (Pavesi, 1873) accepted
Drassodex hypocrita (Simon, 1878) accepted
Drassodex lesserti (Schenkel, 1936) accepted
Drassyllus lutetianus (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Drassyllus praeficus (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Drassyllus pumilus (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Drassyllus pusillus (C. L. Koch, 1833) accepted
Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Drassyllus vinealis (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted
Echemus angustifrons (Westring, 1861) accepted
Gnaphosa alacris Simon, 1878 accepted
Gnaphosa badia (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Gnaphosa bicolor (Hahn, 1833) accepted
Gnaphosa inconspecta Simon, 1878 accepted
Gnaphosa leporina (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Gnaphosa lucifuga (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Gnaphosa lugubris (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Gnaphosa microps Holm, 1939 accepted
Gnaphosa mongolica Simon, 1895 accepted
Gnaphosa montana (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Gnaphosa muscorum (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Gnaphosa nigerrima L. Koch, 1877 accepted
Gnaphosa opaca Herman, 1879 accepted
Gnaphosa petrobia L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Gnaphosa rhenana Müller & Schenkel, 1895 accepted
Haplodrassus aenus Thaler, 1984 accepted
Haplodrassus bohemicus Miller & Buchar, 1977 accepted
Haplodrassus cognatus (Westring, 1861) accepted
Haplodrassus dalmatensis (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Haplodrassus kulczynskii Lohmander, 1942 accepted
Haplodrassus macellinus (Thorell, 1871) accepted
Haplodrassus minor (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879) accepted
Haplodrassus moderatus (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted
Haplodrassus signifer (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Haplodrassus silvestris (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Haplodrassus soerenseni (Strand, 1900) accepted
Haplodrassus typhon (Simon, 1878) accepted
Haplodrassus umbratilis (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Kishidaia conspicua (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Leptodrassus femineus (Simon, 1873) accepted
Marinarozelotes adriaticus (Caporiacco, 1951) accepted
Marinarozelotes barbatus (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Marinarozelotes kulczynskii (Bösenberg, 1902) accepted
Marinarozelotes malkini (Platnick & Murphy, 1984) accepted
Micaria aenea Thorell, 1871 accepted
Micaria albovittata (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Micaria alpina L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Micaria coarctata (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Micaria dives (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Micaria formicaria (Sundevall, 1831) accepted
Micaria fulgens (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Micaria guttulata (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Micaria lenzi Bösenberg, 1899 accepted
Micaria micans (Blackwall, 1858) accepted
Micaria nivosa L. Koch, 1866 accepted
Micaria pulicaria (Sundevall, 1831) accepted
Micaria pulicaria s. l. species group
Micaria rossica Thorell, 1875 accepted
Micaria silesiaca L. Koch, 1875 accepted
Micaria subopaca Westring, 1861 accepted
Nomisia aussereri (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Nomisia exornata (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Parasyrisca vinosa (Simon, 1878) accepted
Phaeocedus braccatus (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Poecilochroa variana (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Scotophaeus blackwalli (Thorell, 1871) accepted
Scotophaeus quadripunctatus (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Scotophaeus scutulatus (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Setaphis carmeli (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) accepted
Setaphis parvula (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Sosticus loricatus (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Trachyzelotes pedestris (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Urozelotes rusticus (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Zelotes aeneus (Simon, 1878) accepted
Zelotes apricorum (L. Koch, 1876) accepted
Zelotes atrocaeruleus (Simon, 1878) accepted
Zelotes aurantiacus Miller, 1967 accepted
Zelotes clivicola (L. Koch, 1870) accepted
Zelotes devotus Grimm, 1982 accepted
Zelotes electus (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Zelotes erebeus (Thorell, 1871) accepted
Zelotes eugenei Kovblyuk, 2009 accepted
Zelotes exiguus (Müller & Schenkel, 1895) accepted
Zelotes femellus (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Zelotes fulvaster (Simon, 1878) accepted
Zelotes gallicus Simon, 1914 accepted
Zelotes hermani (Chyzer, 1897) accepted
Zelotes latreillei (Simon, 1878) accepted
Zelotes longipes (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Zelotes manius (Simon, 1878) accepted
Zelotes mundus (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted
Zelotes oblongus (C. L. Koch, 1833) accepted
Zelotes paroculus Simon, 1914 accepted
Zelotes petrensis (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Zelotes puritanus Chamberlin, 1922 accepted
Zelotes segrex (Simon, 1878) accepted
Zelotes similis (Kulczyński, 1887) accepted
Zelotes subterraneus (C. L. Koch, 1833) accepted
Zelotes talpinus (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Zelotes tenuis (L. Koch, 1866) accepted
Zelotes zellensis Grimm, 1982 accepted

118 species in the family.

Hahniidae, Lesser cobweb spiders

Antistea elegans (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Chorizomma subterraneum Simon, 1872 accepted
Cicurina cicur (Fabricius, 1793) accepted
Cicurina japonica (Simon, 1886) accepted
Hahnia helveola Simon, 1875 accepted
Hahnia nava (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Hahnia ononidum Simon, 1875 accepted
Hahnia petrobia Simon, 1875 accepted
Hahnia pusilla C. L. Koch, 1841 accepted
Hahniharmia picta (Kulczyński, 1897) accepted
Iberina candida (Simon, 1875) accepted
Iberina difficilis (Harm, 1966) accepted
Iberina microphthalma (Snazell & Duffey, 1980) accepted
Iberina montana (Blackwall, 1841) accepted

14 species in the family.

Linyphiidae, Money spiders

Abacoproeces saltuum (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Acartauchenius scurrilis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Agnyphantes expunctus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Agyneta affinis (Kulczyński, 1898) accepted
Agyneta alpica Tanasevitch, 2000 accepted
Agyneta arietans (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Agyneta cauta (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1903) accepted
Agyneta conigera (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted
Agyneta decora (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Agyneta equestris (L. Koch, 1881) accepted
Agyneta fuscipalpus (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Agyneta gulosa (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Agyneta inermis Tanasevitch, 2019 accepted
Agyneta innotabilis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted
Agyneta mollis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Agyneta mossica (Schikora, 1993) accepted
Agyneta nigripes (Simon, 1884) accepted
Agyneta orites (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Agyneta ramosa Jackson, 1912 accepted
Agyneta ressli (Wunderlich, 1973) accepted
Agyneta rurestris (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Agyneta saxatilis (Blackwall, 1844) accepted
Agyneta simplicitarsis (Simon, 1884) accepted
Agyneta subtilis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted
Allomengea scopigera (Grube, 1859) accepted
Allomengea vidua (L. Koch, 1879) accepted
Anguliphantes angulipalpis (Westring, 1851) accepted
Anguliphantes monticola (Kulczyński, 1881) accepted
Anguliphantes tripartitus (Miller & Svaton, 1978) accepted
Aphileta misera (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1882) accepted
Araeoncus anguineus (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Araeoncus crassiceps (Westring, 1861) accepted
Araeoncus humilis (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Asthenargus bracianus Miller, 1938 accepted
Asthenargus carpaticus Weiss, 1998 accepted
Asthenargus helveticus Schenkel, 1936 accepted
Asthenargus paganus (Simon, 1884) accepted
Asthenargus perforatus Schenkel, 1929 accepted
Baryphyma maritimum (Crocker & Parker, 1970) accepted
Baryphyma pratense (Blackwall, 1861) accepted
Baryphyma trifrons (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted
Bathyphantes approximatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Bathyphantes eumenis (L. Koch, 1879) accepted
Bathyphantes eumenis buchari Růžička, 1988 accepted
Bathyphantes gracilis (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Bathyphantes nigrinus (Westring, 1851) accepted
Bathyphantes parvulus (Westring, 1851) accepted
Bathyphantes setiger F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1894 accepted
Bathyphantes similis Kulczyński, 1894 accepted
Bolephthyphantes index (Thorell, 1856) accepted
Bolyphantes alticeps (Sundevall, 1833) accepted
Bolyphantes kolosvaryi (Caporiacco, 1936) accepted
Bolyphantes luteolus (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Canariphantes nanus (Kulczyński, 1898) accepted
Caracladus avicula (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Caracladus leberti (Roewer, 1942) accepted
Carorita limnaea (Crosby & Bishop, 1927) accepted
Caviphantes saxetorum (Hull, 1916) accepted
Centromerita bicolor (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Centromerita bicolor/concinna species group
Centromerita concinna (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Centromerus arcanus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Centromerus brevipalpus (Menge, 1866) accepted
Centromerus capucinus (Simon, 1884) accepted
Centromerus cavernarum (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Centromerus dilutus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Centromerus incilium (L. Koch, 1881) accepted
Centromerus leruthi Fage, 1933 accepted
Centromerus levitarsis (Simon, 1884) accepted
Centromerus minutissimus Merrett & Powell, 1993 accepted
Centromerus pabulator (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Centromerus pasquinii Brignoli, 1971 accepted
Centromerus persimilis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1912) accepted
Centromerus piccolo Weiss, 1996 accepted
Centromerus prudens (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Centromerus sellarius (Simon, 1884) accepted
Centromerus semiater (L. Koch, 1879) accepted
Centromerus serratus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Centromerus silvicola (Kulczyński, 1887) accepted
Centromerus subalpinus Lessert, 1907 accepted
Centromerus subcaecus Kulczyński, 1914 accepted
Centromerus sylvaticus (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Ceraticelus bulbosus (Emerton, 1882) accepted
Ceratinella brevipes (Westring, 1851) accepted
Ceratinella brevis (Wider, 1834) accepted
Ceratinella major Kulczyński, 1894 accepted
Ceratinella scabrosa (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Ceratinella wideri (Thorell, 1871) accepted
Cinetata gradata (Simon, 1882) accepted
Cnephalocotes obscurus (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Collinsia distincta (Simon, 1884) accepted
Collinsia inerrans (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1885) accepted
Cresmatoneta mutinensis (Canestrini, 1868) accepted
Crosbyarachne silvestris (Georgescu, 1973) accepted
Dactylopisthes digiticeps (Simon, 1882) accepted
Diastanillus pecuarius (Simon, 1884) accepted
Dicymbium brevisetosum Locket, 1962 accepted
Dicymbium nigrum (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Dicymbium nigrum s. l. species group
Dicymbium tibiale (Blackwall, 1836) accepted
Diplocentria bidentata (Emerton, 1882) accepted
Diplocentria mediocris (Simon, 1884) accepted
Diplocentria rectangulata (Emerton, 1915) accepted
Diplocephalus alpinus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Diplocephalus connatus Bertkau, 1889 accepted
Diplocephalus crassilobus (Simon, 1884) accepted
Diplocephalus cristatus (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Diplocephalus dentatus Tullgren, 1955 accepted
Diplocephalus graecus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Diplocephalus helleri (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Diplocephalus komposchi Milasowszky, Bauder & Hepner, 2017 accepted
Diplocephalus latifrons (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted
Diplocephalus lusiscus (Simon, 1872) accepted
Diplocephalus permixtus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Diplocephalus picinus (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Diplocephalus protuberans (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Diplocephalus rostratus Schenkel, 1934 accepted
Diplostyla concolor (Wider, 1834) accepted
Dismodicus bifrons (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Dismodicus elevatus (C. L. Koch, 1838) accepted
Donacochara speciosa (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Drapetisca socialis (Sundevall, 1833) accepted
Drepanotylus uncatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Entelecara acuminata (Wider, 1834) accepted
Entelecara congenera (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879) accepted
Entelecara errata O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1913 accepted
Entelecara erythropus (Westring, 1851) accepted
Entelecara flavipes (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Entelecara media Kulczyński, 1887 accepted
Entelecara obscura Miller, 1971 accepted
Entelecara omissa O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1903 accepted
Erigone atra Blackwall, 1833 accepted
Erigone autumnalis Emerton, 1882 accepted
Erigone capra Simon, 1884 accepted
Erigone cristatopalpus Simon, 1884 accepted
Erigone dentipalpis (Wider, 1834) accepted
Erigone dentosa O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1894 accepted
Erigone jaegeri Baehr, 1984 accepted
Erigone longipalpis (Sundevall, 1830) accepted
Erigone maritima Kulczyński, 1902 accepted
Erigone promiscua (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Erigone remota L. Koch, 1869 accepted
Erigone tenuimana Simon, 1884 accepted
Erigonella hiemalis (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Erigonella ignobilis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Erigonella subelevata (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Erigonoplus foveatus (Dahl, 1912) accepted
Erigonoplus globipes (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Erigonoplus justus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Evansia merens O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1901 accepted
Floronia bucculenta (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Formiphantes lephthyphantiformis (Strand, 1907) accepted
Frontinellina frutetorum (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Glyphesis cottonae (La Touche, 1945) accepted
Glyphesis servulus (Simon, 1882) accepted
Glyphesis taoplesius Wunderlich, 1969 accepted
Gnathonarium dentatum (Wider, 1834) accepted
Gonatium biimpressum Simon, 1884 accepted
Gonatium hilare (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Gonatium paradoxum (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Gonatium rubellum (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Gonatium rubens (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Gongylidiellum edentatum Miller, 1951 accepted
Gongylidiellum latebricola (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Gongylidiellum murcidum Simon, 1884 accepted
Gongylidiellum vivum (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Gongylidium rufipes (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Halorates reprobus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879) accepted
Helophora insignis (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Hilaira excisa (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Hylyphantes graminicola (Sundevall, 1830) accepted
Hylyphantes nigritus (Simon, 1882) accepted
Hypomma bituberculatum (Wider, 1834) accepted
Hypomma cornutum (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Hypomma fulvum (Bösenberg, 1902) accepted
Hypselistes jacksoni (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1903) accepted
Improphantes decolor (Westring, 1861) accepted
Improphantes geniculatus (Kulczyński, 1898) accepted
Improphantes improbulus (Simon, 1929) accepted
Improphantes nitidus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Incestophantes crucifer (Menge, 1866) accepted
Incestophantes kotulai (Kulczyński, 1905) accepted
Ipa keyserlingi (Ausserer, 1867) accepted
Jacksonella falconeri (Jackson, 1908) accepted
Janetschekia monodon (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Kaestneria dorsalis (Wider, 1834) accepted
Kaestneria pullata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted
Karita paludosa (Duffey, 1971) accepted
Kratochviliella bicapitata Miller, 1938 accepted
Labulla thoracica (Wider, 1834) accepted
Lasiargus hirsutus (Menge, 1869) accepted
Lepthyphantes leprosus (Ohlert, 1865) accepted
Lepthyphantes minutus (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Lepthyphantes nodifer Simon, 1884 accepted
Lepthyphantes notabilis Kulczyński, 1887 accepted
Leptorhoptrum robustum (Westring, 1851) accepted
Leptothrix hardyi (Blackwall, 1850) accepted
Lessertia dentichelis (Simon, 1884) accepted
Lessertinella kulczynskii (Lessert, 1909) accepted
Linyphia alpicola van Helsdingen, 1969 accepted
Linyphia hortensis Sundevall, 1830 accepted
Linyphia tenuipalpis Simon, 1884 accepted
Linyphia triangularis (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Lophomma punctatum (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Macrargus carpenteri (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1895) accepted
Macrargus rufus (Wider, 1834) accepted
Mansuphantes arciger (Kulczyński, 1882) accepted
Mansuphantes aridus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Mansuphantes fragilis (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Mansuphantes mansuetus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Maro lehtineni Saaristo, 1971 accepted
Maro lepidus Casemir, 1961 accepted
Maro minutus O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1907 accepted
Maro sublestus Falconer, 1915 accepted
Maso gallicus Simon, 1894 accepted
Maso sundevalli (Westring, 1851) accepted
Mecopisthes peusi Wunderlich, 1972 accepted
Mecopisthes silus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Mecynargus brocchus (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Mecynargus morulus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Mecynargus paetulus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Megalepthyphantes collinus (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Megalepthyphantes nebulosus (Sundevall, 1830) accepted
Megalepthyphantes pseudocollinus Saaristo, 1997 accepted
Mermessus denticulatus (Banks, 1898) accepted
Mermessus trilobatus (Emerton, 1882) accepted
Metapanamomops kaestneri (Wiehle, 1961) accepted
Metopobactrus ascitus (Kulczyński, 1894) accepted
Metopobactrus nadigi Thaler, 1976 accepted
Metopobactrus nodicornis Schenkel, 1927 accepted
Metopobactrus prominulus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Micrargus alpinus Relys & Weiss, 1997 accepted
Micrargus apertus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Micrargus georgescuae Millidge, 1976 accepted
Micrargus herbigradus (Blackwall, 1854) accepted
Micrargus subaequalis (Westring, 1851) accepted
Microctenonyx subitaneus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Microlinyphia impigra (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Microlinyphia pusilla (Sundevall, 1830) accepted
Microneta viaria (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Midia midas (Simon, 1884) accepted
Minicia candida Denis, 1946 accepted
Minicia marginella (Wider, 1834) accepted
Minyriolus pusillus (Wider, 1834) accepted
Mioxena blanda (Simon, 1884) accepted
Moebelia berolinensis (Wunderlich, 1969) accepted
Moebelia penicillata (Westring, 1851) accepted
Monocephalus castaneipes (Simon, 1884) accepted
Monocephalus fuscipes (Blackwall, 1836) accepted
Mughiphantes brunneri (Thaler, 1984) accepted
Mughiphantes cornutus (Schenkel, 1927) accepted
Mughiphantes hadzii (Miller & Polenec, 1975) accepted
Mughiphantes merretti (Millidge, 1975) accepted
Mughiphantes mughi (Fickert, 1875) accepted
Mughiphantes pulcher (Kulczyński, 1881) accepted
Mughiphantes rupium (Thaler, 1984) accepted
Mughiphantes severus (Thaler, 1990) accepted
Mughiphantes styriacus (Thaler, 1984) accepted
Mughiphantes variabilis (Kulczyński, 1887) accepted
Mycula mossakowskii Schikora, 1994 accepted
Nematogmus sanguinolentus (Walckenaer, 1842) accepted
Neriene clathrata (Sundevall, 1830) accepted
Neriene emphana (Walckenaer, 1842) accepted
Neriene furtiva (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Neriene hammeni (van Helsdingen, 1963) accepted
Neriene montana (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Neriene peltata (Wider, 1834) accepted
Neriene radiata (Walckenaer, 1842) accepted
Notioscopus sarcinatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Nusoncus nasutus (Schenkel, 1925) accepted
Obscuriphantes obscurus (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Oedothorax agrestis (Blackwall, 1853) accepted
Oedothorax apicatus (Blackwall, 1850) accepted
Oedothorax fuscus (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Oedothorax gibbosus (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Oedothorax retusus (Westring, 1851) accepted
Oreoneta frigida (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Oreoneta montigena (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Oreoneta tatrica (Kulczyński, 1915) accepted
Oreonetides glacialis (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Oreonetides quadridentatus (Wunderlich, 1972) accepted
Oreonetides vaginatus (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Oryphantes angulatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1881) accepted
Ostearius melanopygius (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1880) accepted
Palliduphantes alutacius (Simon, 1884) accepted
Palliduphantes antroniensis (Schenkel, 1933) accepted
Palliduphantes ericaeus (Blackwall, 1853) accepted
Palliduphantes insignis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1913) accepted
Palliduphantes istrianus (Kulczyński, 1914) accepted
Palliduphantes montanus (Kulczyński, 1898) accepted
Palliduphantes pallidus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Palliduphantes petruzzielloi Bosmans & Trotta, 2021 accepted
Palliduphantes pillichi (Kulczyński, 1915) accepted
Panamomops affinis Miller & Kratochvíl, 1939 accepted
Panamomops fagei Miller & Kratochvíl, 1939 accepted
Panamomops inconspicuus (Miller & Valesova, 1964) accepted
Panamomops mengei Simon, 1926 accepted
Panamomops palmgreni Thaler, 1973 accepted
Panamomops sulcifrons (Wider, 1834) accepted
Panamomops tauricornis (Simon, 1882) accepted
Parapelecopsis nemoralioides (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1884) accepted
Parapelecopsis nemoralis (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Pelecopsis bucephala (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Pelecopsis elongata (Wider, 1834) accepted
Pelecopsis loksai Szinetár & Samu, 2003 accepted
Pelecopsis mengei (Simon, 1884) accepted
Pelecopsis parallela (Wider, 1834) accepted
Pelecopsis radicicola (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Peponocranium ludicrum (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1861) accepted
Peponocranium orbiculatum (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1882) accepted
Peponocranium praeceps Miller, 1943 accepted
Piniphantes pinicola (Simon, 1884) accepted
Pityohyphantes phrygianus (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Pocadicnemis carpatica (Chyzer, 1894) accepted
Pocadicnemis juncea Locket & Millidge, 1953 accepted
Pocadicnemis pumila (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Poeciloneta variegata (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Porrhomma cambridgei Merrett, 1994 accepted
Porrhomma campbelli F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1894 accepted
Porrhomma convexum (Westring, 1851) accepted
Porrhomma egeria Simon, 1884 accepted
Porrhomma errans (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Porrhomma frasassianum Weiss & Sarbu, 2021 accepted
Porrhomma microcavense Wunderlich, 1990 accepted
Porrhomma microphthalmum (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Porrhomma microps (Roewer, 1931) accepted
Porrhomma montanum Jackson, 1913 accepted
Porrhomma oblitum (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Porrhomma pallidum Jackson, 1913 accepted
Porrhomma profundum M. Dahl, 1939 accepted
Porrhomma pygmaeum (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Porrhomma rosenhaueri (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Praestigia duffeyi (Millidge, 1954) accepted
Prinerigone vagans (Audouin, 1826) accepted
Pseudocarorita thaleri (Saaristo, 1971) accepted
Pseudomaro aenigmaticus Denis, 1966 accepted
Saaristoa abnormis (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Saaristoa firma (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1906) accepted
Saloca diceros (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Satilatlas britteni (Jackson, 1913) accepted
Sauron rayi (Simon, 1882) accepted
Savignia frontata Blackwall, 1833 accepted
Scotargus pilosus Simon, 1913 accepted
Scotinotylus alpigena (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Scotinotylus antennatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Scotinotylus clavatus (Schenkel, 1927) accepted
Scotinotylus evansi (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1894) accepted
Semljicola faustus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1901) accepted
Silometopus ambiguus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1906) accepted
Silometopus bonessi Casemir, 1970 accepted
Silometopus curtus (Simon, 1882) accepted
Silometopus elegans (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Silometopus incurvatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Silometopus reussi (Thorell, 1871) accepted
Silometopus rosemariae Wunderlich, 1969 accepted
Sintula corniger (Blackwall, 1856) accepted
Sintula iberica Bosmans, 2010 accepted
Sintula spiniger (Balogh, 1935) accepted
Staveleya pusilla (Menge, 1869) accepted
Stemonyphantes conspersus (L. Koch, 1879) accepted
Stemonyphantes lineatus (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Styloctetor austerus (L. Koch, 1884) accepted
Styloctetor compar (Westring, 1861) accepted
Styloctetor romanus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Syedra apetlonensis Wunderlich, 1992 accepted
Syedra gracilis (Menge, 1869) accepted
Syedra myrmicarum (Kulczyński, 1882) accepted
Syedra nigrotibialis Simon, 1884 accepted
Tallusia experta (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Tallusia vindobonensis (Kulczyński, 1898) accepted
Tapinocyba affinis Lessert, 1907 accepted
Tapinocyba biscissa (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Tapinocyba insecta (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Tapinocyba pallens (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Tapinocyba praecox (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Tapinocyboides pygmaeus (Menge, 1869) accepted
Tapinopa longidens (Wider, 1834) accepted
Taranucnus setosus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) accepted
Tenuiphantes alacris (Blackwall, 1853) accepted
Tenuiphantes cristatus (Menge, 1866) accepted
Tenuiphantes flavipes (Blackwall, 1854) accepted
Tenuiphantes floriana (van Helsdingen, 1977) accepted
Tenuiphantes herbicola (Simon, 1884) accepted
Tenuiphantes jacksonoides (van Helsdingen, 1977) accepted
Tenuiphantes mengei (Kulczyński, 1887) accepted
Tenuiphantes monachus (Simon, 1884) accepted
Tenuiphantes tenebricola (Wider, 1834) accepted
Tenuiphantes tenuis (Blackwall, 1852) accepted
Tenuiphantes zimmermanni (Bertkau, 1890) accepted
Theonina cornix (Simon, 1881) accepted
Thyreosthenius biovatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Thyreosthenius parasiticus (Westring, 1851) accepted
Tiso aestivus (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Tiso vagans (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Tmeticus affinis (Blackwall, 1855) accepted
Trematocephalus cristatus (Wider, 1834) accepted
Trichoncoides piscator (Simon, 1884) accepted
Trichoncus affinis Kulczyński, 1894 accepted
Trichoncus auritus (L. Koch, 1869) accepted
Trichoncus hackmani Millidge, 1956 accepted
Trichoncus saxicola (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1861) accepted
Trichoncus sordidus Simon, 1884 accepted
Trichoncyboides simoni (Lessert, 1904) accepted
Trichopterna cito (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Trichopternoides thorelli (Westring, 1861) accepted
Troglohyphantes fagei Roewer, 1931 accepted
Troglohyphantes lucifuga (Simon, 1884) accepted
Troglohyphantes noricus (Thaler & Polenec, 1974) accepted
Troglohyphantes subalpinus Thaler, 1967 accepted
Troglohyphantes thaleri Miller & Polenec, 1975 accepted
Troxochrota scabra Kulczyński, 1894 accepted
Troxochrus scabriculus (Westring, 1851) accepted
Typhochrestus digitatus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) accepted
Typhochrestus inflatus Thaler, 1980 accepted
Typhochrestus simoni Lessert, 1907 accepted
Walckenaeria acuminata Blackwall, 1833 accepted
Walckenaeria alticeps (Denis, 1952) accepted
Walckenaeria antica (Wider, 1834) accepted
Walckenaeria atrotibialis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1878) accepted
Walckenaeria capito (Westring, 1861) accepted
Walckenaeria corniculans (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Walckenaeria cucullata (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Walckenaeria cuspidata Blackwall, 1833 accepted
Walckenaeria dysderoides (Wider, 1834) accepted
Walckenaeria furcillata (Menge, 1869) accepted
Walckenaeria incisa (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Walckenaeria kochi (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) accepted
Walckenaeria mitrata (Menge, 1868) accepted
Walckenaeria monoceros (Wider, 1834) accepted
Walckenaeria nodosa O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873 accepted
Walckenaeria nudipalpis (Westring, 1851) accepted
Walckenaeria obtusa Blackwall, 1836 accepted
Walckenaeria simplex Chyzer, 1894 accepted
Walckenaeria stylifrons (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) accepted
Walckenaeria suspecta (Kulczyński, 1882) accepted
Walckenaeria unicornis O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1861 accepted
Walckenaeria vigilax (Blackwall, 1853) accepted
Wiehlea calcarifera (Simon, 1884) accepted
Wubanoides uralensis lithodytes Schikora, 2004 accepted

439 species in the family.

Liocranidae, Running foliage spiders

Agraecina cristiani (Georgescu, 1989) accepted
Agraecina lineata (Simon, 1878) accepted
Agroeca brunnea (Blackwall, 1833) accepted
Agroeca cuprea Menge, 1873 accepted
Agroeca dentigera Kulczyński, 1913 accepted
Agroeca inopina O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1886 accepted
Agroeca istia de Biurrun & Barrientos, 2021 accepted
Agroeca lusatica (L. Koch, 1875) accepted
Agroeca proxima (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Apostenus fuscus Westring, 1851 accepted
Cybaeodes marinae Di Franco, 1989 accepted
Liocranoeca striata (Kulczyński, 1882) accepted
Liocranum rupicola (Walckenaer, 1830) accepted
Oedignatha scrobiculata Thorell, 1881 accepted
Sagana rutilans Thorell, 1875 accepted
Scotina celans (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Scotina gracilipes (Blackwall, 1859) accepted
Scotina palliardii (L. Koch, 1881) accepted

18 species in the family.

Lycosidae, Wolf spiders

Acantholycosa lignaria (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Acantholycosa norvegica sudetica (L. Koch, 1875) accepted
Acantholycosa pedestris (Simon, 1876) accepted
Alopecosa accentuata/barbipes/farinosa species group
Alopecosa aculeata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Alopecosa albofasciata (Brullé, 1832) accepted
Alopecosa barbipes (Sundevall, 1833) accepted
Alopecosa cuneata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Alopecosa cursor (Hahn, 1831) accepted
Alopecosa fabrilis (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Alopecosa farinosa (Herman, 1879) accepted
Alopecosa inquilina (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Alopecosa kovblyuki Nadolny & Ponomarev, 2012 accepted
Alopecosa mariae (Dahl, 1908) accepted
Alopecosa pinetorum (Thorell, 1856) accepted
Alopecosa pulverulenta (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Alopecosa schmidti (Hahn, 1835) accepted
Alopecosa solitaria (Herman, 1879) accepted
Alopecosa striatipes (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Alopecosa sulzeri (Pavesi, 1873) accepted
Alopecosa taeniata (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Alopecosa taeniopus (Kulczyński, 1895) accepted
Alopecosa trabalis (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Arctosa alpigena (Doleschall, 1852) accepted
Arctosa alpigena lamperti Dahl, 1908 accepted
Arctosa cinerea (Fabricius, 1777) accepted
Arctosa figurata (Simon, 1876) accepted
Arctosa fulvolineata (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Arctosa lacustris (Simon, 1876) accepted
Arctosa leopardus (Sundevall, 1833) accepted
Arctosa lutetiana (Simon, 1876) accepted
Arctosa maculata (Hahn, 1822) accepted
Arctosa perita (Latreille, 1799) accepted
Arctosa personata (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Arctosa renidescens Buchar & Thaler, 1995 accepted
Arctosa stigmosa (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Arctosa variana C. L. Koch, 1847 accepted
Arctosa villica (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Aulonia albimana (Walckenaer, 1805) accepted
Geolycosa vultuosa (C. L. Koch, 1838) accepted
Hogna radiata (Latreille, 1817) accepted
Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata (Ohlert, 1865) accepted, Drumming Wolf Spider
Lycosa fasciiventris Dufour, 1835 accepted
Lycosa singoriensis (Laxmann, 1770) accepted
Pardosa agrestis (Westring, 1861) accepted
Pardosa agricola (Thorell, 1856) accepted
Pardosa alacris (C. L. Koch, 1833) accepted
Pardosa amentata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pardosa atrata (Thorell, 1873) accepted
Pardosa baehrorum Kronestedt, 1999 accepted
Pardosa bifasciata (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Pardosa blanda (C. L. Koch, 1833) accepted
Pardosa ferruginea (L. Koch, 1870) accepted
Pardosa fulvipes (Collett, 1876) accepted
Pardosa giebeli (Pavesi, 1873) accepted
Pardosa hortensis (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Pardosa hyperborea (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Pardosa lugubris (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Pardosa lugubris s. l. species group
Pardosa maisa Hippa & Mannila, 1982 accepted
Pardosa mixta (Kulczyński, 1887) accepted
Pardosa monticola (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pardosa morosa (L. Koch, 1870) accepted
Pardosa nebulosa (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Pardosa nigra (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Pardosa nigriceps (Thorell, 1856) accepted
Pardosa oreophila Simon, 1937 accepted
Pardosa paludicola (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pardosa palustris (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Pardosa pertinax von Helversen, 2000 accepted
Pardosa prativaga (L. Koch, 1870) accepted
Pardosa proxima (C. L. Koch, 1847) accepted
Pardosa pullata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pardosa purbeckensis F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1895 accepted
Pardosa riparia (C. L. Koch, 1833) accepted
Pardosa saltans Töpfer-Hofmann, 2000 accepted
Pardosa saturatior Simon, 1937 accepted
Pardosa schenkeli Lessert, 1904 accepted
Pardosa sordidata (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Pardosa sphagnicola (Dahl, 1908) accepted
Pardosa tenuipes L. Koch, 1882 accepted
Pardosa torrentum Simon, 1876 accepted
Pardosa vittata (Keyserling, 1863) accepted
Pardosa wagleri (Hahn, 1822) accepted
Pirata piraticus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pirata piscatorius (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pirata tenuitarsis Simon, 1876 accepted
Piratula hygrophila (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Piratula insularis (Emerton, 1885) accepted
Piratula knorri (Scopoli, 1763) accepted
Piratula latitans (Blackwall, 1841) accepted
Piratula uliginosa (Thorell, 1856) accepted
Trochosa hispanica Simon, 1870 accepted
Trochosa robusta (Simon, 1876) accepted
Trochosa ruricola (De Geer, 1778) accepted
Trochosa spinipalpis (F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1895) accepted
Trochosa terricola Thorell, 1856 accepted
Xerolycosa miniata (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Xerolycosa nemoralis (Westring, 1861) accepted

99 species in the family.


Macrothele calpeiana (Walckenaer, 1805) accepted

1 species in the family.

Mimetidae, Pirate spiders

Ero aphana (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Ero cambridgei Kulczyński, 1911 accepted
Ero furcata (Villers, 1789) accepted
Ero koreana Paik, 1967 accepted
Ero tuberculata (De Geer, 1778) accepted
Mimetus laevigatus (Keyserling, 1863) accepted

6 species in the family.

Miturgidae, Prowling Spiders

Zora armillata Simon, 1878 accepted
Zora manicata Simon, 1878 accepted
Zora nemoralis (Blackwall, 1861) accepted
Zora parallela Simon, 1878 accepted
Zora pardalis Simon, 1878 accepted
Zora silvestris Kulczyński, 1897 accepted
Zora spinimana (Sundevall, 1833) accepted

7 species in the family.

Mysmenidae, Dwarf cobweb spiders

Microdipoena jobi (Kraus, 1967) accepted
Trogloneta granulum Simon, 1922 accepted

2 species in the family.


Nemesia amicitia Pertegal & Molero-Baltanás, 2022 accepted
Nemesia carminans (Latreille, 1818) accepted
Nemesia pannonica Herman, 1879 accepted
Nemesia uncinata Bacelar, 1933 accepted
Nemesia valenciae Kraus, 1955 accepted

5 species in the family.

Nesticidae, Comb-footed cellar spiders

Howaia mogera (Yaginuma, 1972) accepted
Kryptonesticus eremita (Simon, 1880) accepted
Nesticus cellulanus (Clerck, 1757) accepted

3 species in the family.


Theotima minutissima (Petrunkevitch, 1929) accepted

1 species in the family.

Oecobiidae, Discweb spiders

Oecobius cellariorum (Dugès, 1836) accepted
Oecobius maculatus Simon, 1870 accepted
Oecobius navus Blackwall, 1859 accepted
Uroctea durandi (Latreille, 1809) accepted

4 species in the family.

Oonopidae, Goblin spiders

Brignolia cobre Platnick, Dupérré, Ott & Kranz-Baltensperger, 2011 accepted
Cortestina thaleri Knoflach, 2009 accepted
Diblemma donisthorpei O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1909 accepted
Heteroonops spinimanus (Simon, 1892) accepted
Ischnothyreus peltifer (Simon, 1892) accepted
Ischnothyreus velox Jackson, 1908 accepted
Oonops domesticus Dalmas, 1916 accepted
Oonops pulcher Templeton, 1835 accepted
Opopaea deserticola Simon, 1891 accepted
Prida sechellensis (Benoit, 1979) accepted
Silhouettella loricatula (Roewer, 1942) accepted
Tapinesthis inermis (Simon, 1882) accepted
Triaeris stenaspis Simon, 1892 accepted

13 species in the family.

Oxyopidae, Lynx spiders

Oxyopes heterophthalmus (Latreille, 1804) accepted
Oxyopes lineatus Latreille, 1806 accepted
Oxyopes ramosus (Martini & Goeze, 1778) accepted

3 species in the family.

Philodromidae, Running crab spiders

Philodromus albidus Kulczyński, 1911 accepted
Philodromus aureolus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Philodromus aureolus-Gruppe species group
Philodromus buchari Kubcová, 2004 accepted
Philodromus buxi Simon, 1884 accepted
Philodromus cespitum (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Philodromus collinus C. L. Koch, 1835 accepted
Philodromus dispar Walckenaer, 1826 accepted
Philodromus emarginatus (Schrank, 1803) accepted
Philodromus fuscomarginatus (De Geer, 1778) accepted
Philodromus laricium Simon, 1875 accepted
Philodromus lividus Simon, 1875 accepted
Philodromus longipalpis Simon, 1870 accepted
Philodromus lunatus Muster & Thaler, 2004 accepted
Philodromus margaritatus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Philodromus marmoratus Kulczyński, 1891 accepted
Philodromus musteri Lecigne & Oger, 2020 accepted
Philodromus poecilus (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Philodromus praedatus O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871 accepted
Philodromus rufus Walckenaer, 1826 accepted
Philodromus rufus s. l. species group
Philodromus splendens Indzhov, 2020 accepted
Philodromus vagulus Simon, 1875 accepted
Pulchellodromus bistigma (Simon, 1870) accepted
Pulchellodromus pulchellus (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Pulchellodromus ruficapillus (Simon, 1885) accepted
Rhysodromus fallax (Sundevall, 1833) accepted
Rhysodromus histrio (Latreille, 1819) accepted
Thanatus arenarius L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Thanatus atratus Simon, 1875 accepted
Thanatus coloradensis Keyserling, 1880 accepted
Thanatus firmetorum Muster & Thaler, 2003 accepted
Thanatus formicinus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Thanatus oblongiusculus (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Thanatus pictus L. Koch, 1881 accepted
Thanatus sabulosus (Menge, 1875) accepted
Thanatus striatus C. L. Koch, 1845 accepted
Thanatus vulgaris Simon, 1870 accepted
Tibellus macellus Simon, 1875 accepted
Tibellus maritimus (Menge, 1875) accepted
Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted

41 species in the family.

Pholcidae, Cellar spiders

Belisana ambengan Huber, 2005 accepted
Crossopriza lyoni (Blackwall, 1867) accepted
Holocnemus pluchei (Scopoli, 1763) accepted
Hoplopholcus forskali (Thorell, 1871) accepted
Micropholcus fauroti (Simon, 1887) accepted
Modisimus culicinus (Simon, 1893) accepted
Pholcus alticeps Spassky, 1932 accepted
Pholcus opilionoides (Schrank, 1781) accepted
Pholcus phalangioides (Fuesslin, 1775) accepted
Pholcus ponticus Thorell, 1875 accepted
Psilochorus simoni (Berland, 1911) accepted
Quamtana sp. A accepted
Quamtana sp. B accepted
Spermophora kerinci Huber, 2005 accepted
Spermophora senoculata (Dugès, 1836) accepted

15 species in the family.


Leviellus kochi (Thorell, 1870) accepted
Leviellus stroemi (Thorell, 1870) accepted
Leviellus thorelli (Ausserer, 1871) accepted
Zygiella atrica (C. L. Koch, 1845) accepted
Zygiella montana (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Zygiella x-notata (Clerck, 1757) accepted

6 species in the family.

Phrurolithidae, Guardstone Spiders

Liophrurillus flavitarsis (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Phrurolithus festivus (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Phrurolithus minimus C. L. Koch, 1839 accepted
Phrurolithus nigrinus (Simon, 1878) accepted
Phrurolithus pullatus Kulczyński, 1897 accepted
Phrurolithus szilyi Herman, 1879 accepted

6 species in the family.


Pimoa rupicola (Simon, 1884) accepted

1 species in the family.

Pisauridae, Nurseryweb spiders

Dolomedes fimbriatus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Dolomedes plantarius (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pisaura mirabilis (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pisaura novicia (L. Koch, 1878) accepted

4 species in the family.


Zimiris doriae Simon, 1882 accepted

1 species in the family.

Salticidae, Jumping spiders

Aelurillus balearus Azarkina, 2006 accepted
Aelurillus blandus (Simon, 1871) accepted
Aelurillus cretensis Azarkina, 2002 accepted
Aelurillus laniger Logunov & Marusik, 2000 accepted
Aelurillus leipoldae (Metzner, 1999) accepted
Aelurillus luctuosus (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Aelurillus v-insignitus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Asianellus festivus (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Attulus ammophilus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Attulus atricapillus (Simon, 1882) accepted
Attulus caricis (Westring, 1861) accepted
Attulus distinguendus (Simon, 1868) accepted
Attulus dzieduszyckii (L. Koch, 1870) accepted
Attulus floricola (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Attulus inexpectus (Logunov & Kronestedt, 1997) accepted
Attulus longipes (Canestrini, 1873) accepted
Attulus penicillatus (Simon, 1875) accepted
Attulus pubescens (Fabricius, 1775) accepted
Attulus rupicola (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Attulus saltator (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1868) accepted
Attulus terebratus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Attulus zimmermanni (Simon, 1877) accepted
Ballus chalybeius (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Ballus rufipes (Simon, 1868) accepted
Carrhotus xanthogramma (Latreille, 1819) accepted
Chalcoscirtus alpicola (L. Koch, 1876) accepted
Chalcoscirtus brevicymbialis Wunderlich, 1980 accepted
Chalcoscirtus infimus (Simon, 1868) accepted
Chalcoscirtus nigritus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Cyrba algerina (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Dendryphantes hastatus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Dendryphantes rudis (Sundevall, 1833) accepted
Euophrys frontalis (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Euophrys gambosa (Simon, 1868) accepted
Euophrys herbigrada (Simon, 1871) accepted
Euophrys rufibarbis (Simon, 1868) accepted
Euophrys sulphurea (L. Koch, 1867) accepted
Euophrys terrestris (Simon, 1871) accepted
Evarcha arcuata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Evarcha falcata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Evarcha jucunda (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Evarcha laetabunda (C. L. Koch, 1846) accepted
Evarcha michailovi Logunov, 1992 accepted
Habrocestum egaeum Metzner, 1999 accepted
Habrocestum graecum Dalmas, 1920 accepted
Hasarius adansoni (Audouin, 1826) accepted
Heliophanillus fulgens (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) accepted
Heliophanus aeneus (Hahn, 1832) accepted
Heliophanus agricola Wesołowska, 1986 accepted
Heliophanus apiatus Simon, 1868 accepted
Heliophanus auratus C. L. Koch, 1835 accepted
Heliophanus creticus Giltay, 1932 accepted
Heliophanus cupreus (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Heliophanus dampfi Schenkel, 1923 accepted
Heliophanus decoratus L. Koch, 1875 accepted
Heliophanus dubius C. L. Koch, 1835 accepted
Heliophanus equester L. Koch, 1867 accepted
Heliophanus flavipes (Hahn, 1832) accepted
Heliophanus kochii Simon, 1868 accepted
Heliophanus lineiventris Simon, 1868 accepted
Heliophanus mediocinctus (Kulczyński, 1898) accepted
Heliophanus melinus L. Koch, 1867 accepted
Heliophanus patagiatus Thorell, 1875 accepted
Heliophanus ramosus Wesołowska, 1986 accepted
Heliophanus simplex Simon, 1868 accepted
Heliophanus tribulosus Simon, 1868 accepted
Icius hamatus (C. L. Koch, 1846) accepted
Icius subinermis Simon, 1937 accepted
Leptorchestes berolinensis (C. L. Koch, 1846) accepted
Macaroeris flavicomis (Simon, 1885) accepted
Macaroeris nidicolens (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Marpissa muscosa (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Marpissa nivoyi (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Marpissa pomatia (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Marpissa radiata (Grube, 1859) accepted
Mendoza canestrinii (Ninni, 1868) accepted
Menemerus semilimbatus (Hahn, 1829) accepted
Menemerus taeniatus (L. Koch, 1867) accepted
Mogrus neglectus (Simon, 1868) accepted
Myrmarachne formicaria (De Geer, 1778) accepted
Napoca constanzeae Logunov & Schäfer, 2017 accepted
Neaetha absheronica Logunov & Guseinov, 2002 accepted
Neaetha membrosa (Simon, 1868) accepted
Neon levis (Simon, 1871) accepted
Neon rayi (Simon, 1875) accepted
Neon reticulatus (Blackwall, 1853) accepted
Neon robustus Lohmander, 1945 accepted
Neon valentulus Falconer, 1912 accepted
Pellenes arciger (Walckenaer, 1837) accepted
Pellenes brevis (Simon, 1868) accepted
Pellenes diagonalis (Simon, 1868) accepted
Pellenes flavipalpis (Lucas, 1853) accepted
Pellenes florii Schäfer, 2020 accepted
Pellenes geniculatus (Simon, 1868) accepted
Pellenes lapponicus (Sundevall, 1833) accepted
Pellenes nigrociliatus (Simon, 1875) accepted
Pellenes seriatus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Pellenes tripunctatus (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Phidippus audax (Hentz, 1845) accepted
Phidippus regius C. L. Koch, 1846 accepted
Philaeus chrysops (Poda, 1761) accepted
Phintella castriesiana (Grube, 1861) accepted
Phlegra bresnieri (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Phlegra cinereofasciata (Simon, 1868) accepted
Phlegra fasciata (Hahn, 1826) accepted
Phlegra lineata (C. L. Koch, 1846) accepted
Phlegra theseusi Logunov, 2001 accepted
Plexippoides gestroi (Dalmas, 1920) accepted
Plexippus paykulli (Audouin, 1826) accepted
Pseudeuophrys erratica (Walckenaer, 1826) accepted
Pseudeuophrys lanigera (Simon, 1871) accepted
Pseudeuophrys obsoleta (Simon, 1868) accepted
Pseudeuophrys vafra (Blackwall, 1867) accepted
Pseudicius badius (Simon, 1868) accepted
Pseudicius encarpatus (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Pseudicius picaceus (Simon, 1868) accepted
Pseudomogrus vittatus (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Saitis barbipes (Simon, 1868) accepted
Saitis imitatus (Simon, 1868) accepted
Saitis sengleti (Metzner, 1999) accepted
Saitis tauricus Kulczyński, 1905 accepted
Salticus cingulatus (Panzer, 1797) accepted
Salticus mutabilis Lucas, 1846 accepted
Salticus propinquus Lucas, 1846 accepted
Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Salticus unciger (Simon, 1868) accepted
Salticus unicolor (Simon, 1868) accepted
Salticus zebraneus (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Sandalodes superbus (Karsch, 1878) accepted
Sibianor aurocinctus (Ohlert, 1865) accepted
Sibianor aurocinctus s. l. species group
Sibianor larae Logunov, 2001 accepted
Sibianor tantulus (Simon, 1868) accepted
Sittisax saxicola (C. L. Koch, 1846) accepted
Synageles dalmaticus (Keyserling, 1863) accepted
Synageles hilarulus (C. L. Koch, 1846) accepted
Synageles subcingulatus (Simon, 1878) accepted
Synageles venator (Lucas, 1836) accepted
Talavera aequipes (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Talavera aperta (Miller, 1971) accepted
Talavera inopinata Wunderlich, 1993 accepted
Talavera milleri (Brignoli, 1983) accepted
Talavera monticola (Kulczyński, 1884) accepted
Talavera parvistyla Logunov & Kronestedt, 2003 accepted
Talavera petrensis (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Talavera thorelli (Kulczyński, 1891) accepted
Thyene imperialis (Rossi, 1846) accepted
Yllenus arenarius Simon, 1868 accepted

148 species in the family.

Scytodidae, Spitting spiders

Scytodes fusca Walckenaer, 1837 accepted
Scytodes thoracica (Latreille, 1802) accepted

2 species in the family.

Segestriidae, Tubeweb spiders

Segestria bavarica C. L. Koch, 1843 accepted
Segestria florentina (Rossi, 1790) accepted
Segestria senoculata (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted

3 species in the family.


Loxosceles rufescens (Dufour, 1820) accepted

1 species in the family.

Sparassidae, Huntsman spiders

Eusparassus walckenaeri (Audouin, 1826) accepted
Heteropoda venatoria (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted
Micrommata virescens (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Olios argelasius (Walckenaer, 1806) accepted

4 species in the family.


Cepheia longiseta (Simon, 1881) accepted

1 species in the family.

Tetragnathidae, Long-jawed orbweb spiders

Meta bourneti Simon, 1922 accepted
Meta menardi (Latreille, 1804) accepted
Metellina mengei (Blackwall, 1870) accepted
Metellina merianae (Scopoli, 1763) accepted
Metellina segmentata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Pachygnatha clercki Sundevall, 1823 accepted
Pachygnatha degeeri Sundevall, 1830 accepted
Pachygnatha listeri Sundevall, 1830 accepted
Pachygnatha terilis Thaler, 1991 accepted
Tetragnatha dearmata Thorell, 1873 accepted
Tetragnatha extensa (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Tetragnatha montana Simon, 1874 accepted
Tetragnatha nigrita Lendl, 1886 accepted
Tetragnatha obtusa C. L. Koch, 1837 accepted
Tetragnatha pinicola L. Koch, 1870 accepted
Tetragnatha reimoseri (Roșca, 1939) accepted
Tetragnatha shoshone Levi, 1981 accepted
Tetragnatha striata L. Koch, 1862 accepted

18 species in the family.

Theridiidae, Comb-footed spiders

Achaeridion conigerum (Simon, 1914) accepted
Anatolidion gentile (Simon, 1881) accepted
Anelosimus pulchellus (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Anelosimus vittatus (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Argyrodes argyrodes (Walckenaer, 1841) accepted
Asagena italica (Knoflach, 1996) accepted
Asagena meridionalis Kulczyński, 1894 accepted
Asagena phalerata (Panzer, 1801) accepted
Carniella brignolii Thaler & Steinberger, 1988 accepted
Coleosoma floridanum Banks, 1900 accepted
Crustulina guttata (Wider, 1834) accepted
Crustulina scabripes Simon, 1881 accepted
Crustulina sticta (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1861) accepted
Cryptachaea blattea (Urquhart, 1886) accepted
Cryptachaea riparia (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Dipoena braccata (C. L. Koch, 1841) accepted
Dipoena erythropus (Simon, 1881) accepted
Dipoena melanogaster (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Dipoena nigroreticulata (Simon, 1880) accepted
Dipoena torva (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Enoplognatha bryjai Řezáč, 2016 accepted
Enoplognatha caricis (Fickert, 1876) accepted
Enoplognatha diversa (Blackwall, 1859) accepted
Enoplognatha latimana Hippa & Oksala, 1982 accepted
Enoplognatha mandibularis (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Enoplognatha mordax (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Enoplognatha oelandica (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Enoplognatha ovata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Enoplognatha serratosignata (L. Koch, 1879) accepted
Enoplognatha testacea Simon, 1884 accepted
Enoplognatha thoracica (Hahn, 1833) accepted
Episinus angulatus (Blackwall, 1836) accepted
Episinus maculipes Cavanna, 1876 accepted
Episinus truncatus Latreille, 1809 accepted
Euryopis episinoides (Walckenaer, 1847) accepted
Euryopis flavomaculata (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Euryopis laeta (Westring, 1861) accepted
Euryopis quinqueguttata Thorell, 1875 accepted
Euryopis saukea Levi, 1951 accepted
Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum (Simon, 1873) accepted
Kochiura aulica (C. L. Koch, 1838) accepted
Lasaeola convexa (Blackwall, 1870) accepted
Lasaeola coracina (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Lasaeola prona (Menge, 1868) accepted
Lasaeola testaceomarginata Simon, 1881 accepted
Lasaeola tristis (Hahn, 1833) accepted
Latrodectus geometricus C. L. Koch, 1841 accepted
Latrodectus tredecimguttatus (Rossi, 1790) accepted
Neottiura bimaculata (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted
Neottiura herbigrada (Simon, 1873) accepted
Neottiura suaveolens (Simon, 1880) accepted
Neottiura uncinata (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Nesticodes rufipes (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Ohlertidion ohlerti Thorell, 1870 accepted
Paidiscura pallens (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Parasteatoda lunata (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Parasteatoda simulans (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Parasteatoda tabulata (Levi, 1980) accepted
Parasteatoda tepidariorum (C. L. Koch, 1841) accepted
Pholcomma gibbum (Westring, 1851) accepted
Phoroncidia paradoxa (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Phycosoma inornatum (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1861) accepted
Phylloneta impressa (L. Koch, 1881) accepted
Phylloneta sisyphia (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Platnickina tincta (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Rhomphaea nasica (Simon, 1873) accepted
Robertus arundineti (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Robertus heydemanni Wiehle, 1965 accepted
Robertus insignis O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1908 accepted
Robertus kuehnae Bauchhenss & Uhlenhaut, 1993 accepted
Robertus lividus (Blackwall, 1836) accepted
Robertus mediterraneus Eskov, 1987 accepted
Robertus neglectus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Robertus scoticus Jackson, 1914 accepted
Robertus truncorum (L. Koch, 1872) accepted
Robertus ungulatus Vogelsanger, 1944 accepted
Rugathodes bellicosus (Simon, 1873) accepted
Rugathodes instabilis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Sardinidion blackwalli (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Simitidion simile (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Steatoda albomaculata (De Geer, 1778) accepted
Steatoda bipunctata (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Steatoda castanea (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Steatoda grossa (C. L. Koch, 1838) accepted
Steatoda nobilis (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Steatoda paykulliana (Walckenaer, 1806) accepted
Steatoda triangulosa (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Theonoe minutissima (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879) accepted
Theonoe sola Thaler & Steinberger, 1988 accepted
Theridion asopi Vanuytven, 2014 accepted
Theridion betteni Wiehle, 1960 accepted
Theridion boesenbergi Strand, 1904 accepted
Theridion cinereum Thorell, 1875 accepted
Theridion familiare O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871 accepted
Theridion hannoniae Denis, 1945 accepted
Theridion hemerobium Simon, 1914 accepted
Theridion melanostictum O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1876 accepted
Theridion melanurum Hahn, 1831 accepted
Theridion mystaceum L. Koch, 1870 accepted
Theridion petraeum L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Theridion pictum (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Theridion pinastri L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Theridion uhligi Martin, 1974 accepted
Theridion varians Hahn, 1833 accepted
Theridion wiehlei Schenkel, 1938 accepted

105 species in the family.

Theridiosomatidae, Ray's spiders

Theridiosoma gemmosum (L. Koch, 1877) accepted

1 species in the family.

Thomisidae, Crab spiders

Bassaniana baudueri (Simon, 1877) accepted
Bassaniodes bufo (Dufour, 1820) accepted
Bassaniodes robustus (Hahn, 1832) accepted
Coriarachne depressa (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Cozyptila blackwalli (Simon, 1875) accepted
Diaea dorsata (Fabricius, 1777) accepted
Diaea livens Simon, 1876 accepted
Ebrechtella tricuspidata (Fabricius, 1775) accepted
Heriaeus graminicola (Doleschall, 1852) accepted
Heriaeus hirtus (Latreille, 1819) accepted
Heriaeus oblongus Simon, 1918 accepted
Misumena vatia (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Monaeses paradoxus (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Ozyptila atomaria (Panzer, 1801) accepted
Ozyptila brevipes (Hahn, 1826) accepted
Ozyptila claveata (Walckenaer, 1837) accepted
Ozyptila confluens (C. L. Koch, 1845) accepted
Ozyptila gertschi Kurata, 1944 accepted
Ozyptila praticola (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Ozyptila pullata (Thorell, 1875) accepted
Ozyptila rauda Simon, 1875 accepted
Ozyptila salustri Wunderlich, 2011 accepted
Ozyptila sanctuaria (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871) accepted
Ozyptila scabricula (Westring, 1851) accepted
Ozyptila secreta Thaler, 1987 accepted
Ozyptila simplex (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1862) accepted
Ozyptila trux (Blackwall, 1846) accepted
Ozyptila westringi (Thorell, 1873) accepted
Pistius truncatus (Pallas, 1772) accepted
Psammitis bonneti (Denis, 1938) accepted
Psammitis ninnii (Thorell, 1872) accepted
Psammitis sabulosus (Hahn, 1832) accepted
Psammitis secedens (L. Koch, 1876) accepted
Runcinia flavida (Simon, 1881) accepted
Runcinia grammica (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Spiracme striatipes (L. Koch, 1870) accepted
Synema globosum (Fabricius, 1775) accepted
Thomisus onustus Walckenaer, 1805 accepted
Tmarus piger (Walckenaer, 1802) accepted
Tmarus stellio Simon, 1875 accepted
Xysticus acerbus Thorell, 1872 accepted
Xysticus alpinus Kulczyński, 1887 accepted
Xysticus audax (Schrank, 1803) accepted
Xysticus bifasciatus C. L. Koch, 1837 accepted
Xysticus brevidentatus Wunderlich, 1995 accepted
Xysticus cor Canestrini, 1873 accepted
Xysticus cristatus (Clerck, 1757) accepted
Xysticus desidiosus Simon, 1875 accepted
Xysticus erraticus (Blackwall, 1834) accepted
Xysticus ferrugineus Menge, 1876 accepted
Xysticus gallicus Simon, 1875 accepted
Xysticus ibex Simon, 1875 accepted
Xysticus kempeleni Thorell, 1872 accepted
Xysticus kochi Thorell, 1872 accepted
Xysticus laetus Thorell, 1875 accepted
Xysticus lanio C. L. Koch, 1835 accepted
Xysticus lineatus (Westring, 1851) accepted
Xysticus luctator L. Koch, 1870 accepted
Xysticus luctuosus (Blackwall, 1836) accepted
Xysticus macedonicus Šilhavý, 1944 accepted
Xysticus marmoratus Thorell, 1875 accepted
Xysticus obscurus Collett, 1877 accepted
Xysticus tortuosus Simon, 1932 accepted
Xysticus ulmi (Hahn, 1831) accepted
Xysticus viduus Kulczyński, 1898 accepted

65 species in the family.


Nurscia albomaculata (Lucas, 1846) accepted
Pandava laminata (Thorell, 1878) accepted
Titanoeca flavicoma L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Titanoeca quadriguttata (Hahn, 1833) accepted
Titanoeca schineri L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Titanoeca spominima (Taczanowski, 1866) accepted
Titanoeca tristis L. Koch, 1872 accepted
Titanoeca veteranica Herman, 1879 accepted

8 species in the family.


Cetonana laticeps (Canestrini, 1868) accepted
Paratrachelas maculatus (Thorell, 1875) accepted

2 species in the family.


Cupiennius coccineus F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1901 accepted
Cupiennius foliatus F. O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1901 accepted

2 species in the family.

Uloboridae, Cribellate orbweb spiders

Hyptiotes flavidus (Blackwall, 1862) accepted
Hyptiotes paradoxus (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Uloborus plumipes Lucas, 1846 accepted
Uloborus walckenaerius Latreille, 1806 accepted

4 species in the family.

Zodariidae, Ant-hunting spiders

Palaestina dentifera O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872 accepted
Zodarion bozdagense Coşar, 2021 accepted
Zodarion elegans (Simon, 1873) accepted
Zodarion germanicum (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Zodarion hamatum Wiehle, 1964 accepted
Zodarion italicum (Canestrini, 1868) accepted
Zodarion pusio Simon, 1914 accepted
Zodarion rubidum Simon, 1914 accepted
Zodarion scutatum Wunderlich, 1980 accepted
Zodarion siirtense Coşar, 2021 accepted
Zodarion thoni Nosek, 1905 accepted
Zodarion vicinum Denis, 1935 accepted

12 species in the family.

Zoropsidae, False wolf spiders

Zoropsis spinimana (Dufour, 1820) accepted

1 species in the family, 1,405 species in the order.

Opiliones, Harvestmen


Holoscotolemon unicolor Roewer, 1915 accepted

1 species in the family.


Ischyropsalis carli Lessert, 1905 accepted
Ischyropsalis hellwigii hellwigii (Panzer, 1794) accepted
Ischyropsalis hellwigii lucantei Simon, 1879 accepted
Ischyropsalis kollari C. L. Koch, 1839 accepted

4 species in the family.


Carinostoma carinatum (Roewer, 1914) accepted
Histricostoma dentipalpe (Ausserer, 1867) accepted
Mitostoma chrysomelas (Hermann, 1804) accepted
Nemastoma bidentatum s. l. species group
Nemastoma bidentatum bidentatum Roewer, 1914 accepted
Nemastoma bidentatum sparsum Gruber & Martens, 1968 accepted
Nemastoma bimaculatum (Fabricius, 1775) accepted
Nemastoma dentigerum Canestrini, 1873 accepted
Nemastoma lugubre (Müller, 1776) accepted
Nemastoma relictum Gruber & Martens, 1968 accepted
Nemastoma schuelleri Gruber & Martens, 1968 accepted
Nemastoma triste (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Paranemastoma bicuspidatum (C. L. Koch, 1834) accepted
Paranemastoma quadripunctatum (Perty, 1833) accepted

14 species in the family.


Amilenus aurantiacus (Simon, 1881) accepted
Dasylobus argentatus argentatus (Canestrini, 1871) accepted
Dasylobus graniferus (Canestrini, 1872) accepted
Dicranopalpus gasteinensis Doleschall, 1852 accepted
Dicranopalpus ramosus (Simon, 1909) accepted
Egaenus convexus (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Gyas annulatus (Olivier, 1791) accepted
Gyas titanus Simon, 1879 accepted
Kalliste pavonum Martens, 2018 accepted
Lacinius dentiger (C. L. Koch, 1847) accepted
Lacinius ephippiatus (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Lacinius horridus (Panzer, 1794) accepted
Lophopilio palpinalis (Herbst, 1799) accepted
Megabunus diadema (Fabricius, 1779) accepted
Megabunus lesserti Schenkel, 1927 accepted
Mitopus glacialis (Heer, 1845) accepted
Mitopus morio (Fabricius, 1779) accepted
Odiellus spinosus (Bosc, 1792) accepted
Odiellus troguloides (Lucas, 1847) accepted
Oligolophus hanseni (Kraepelin, 1896) accepted
Oligolophus tridens (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Opilio canestrinii (Thorell, 1876) accepted
Opilio dinaricus Šilhavý, 1938 accepted
Opilio parietinus (De Geer, 1778) accepted
Opilio saxatilis C. L. Koch, 1839 accepted
Paroligolophus agrestis (Meade, 1855) accepted
Phalangium opilio Linnaeus, 1758 accepted
Platybunus bucephalus (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Platybunus pinetorum (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Rilaena triangularis (Herbst, 1799) accepted

30 species in the family.


Astrobunus bernardinus Simon, 1879 accepted
Astrobunus helleri (Ausserer, 1867) accepted
Astrobunus laevipes (Canestrini, 1872) accepted
Homalenotus quadridentatus (Curvier, 1795) accepted
Leiobunum sp. A accepted
Leiobunum blackwalli Meade, 1861 accepted
Leiobunum gracile Thorell, 1876 accepted
Leiobunum limbatum L. Koch, 1861 accepted
Leiobunum religiosum Simon, 1879 accepted
Leiobunum roseum C. L. Koch, 1839 accepted
Leiobunum rotundum (Latreille, 1798) accepted
Leiobunum rupestre (Herbst, 1799) accepted
Leiobunum subalpinum Komposch, 1998 accepted
Nelima doriae (Canestrini, 1871) accepted
Nelima gothica Lohmander, 1945 accepted
Nelima sempronii Szalay, 1951 accepted
Nelima silvatica (Simon, 1879) accepted

17 species in the family.


Cyphophthalmus duricorius duricorius Joseph, 1868 accepted

1 species in the family.


Anelasmocephalus balearicus Martens & Chemini, 1988 accepted
Anelasmocephalus brignolii Martens & Chemini, 1988 accepted
Anelasmocephalus calcaneatus Martens & Chemini, 1988 accepted
Anelasmocephalus cambridgei (Westwood, 1874) accepted
Anelasmocephalus osellai Martens & Chemini, 1988 accepted
Anelasmocephalus tenuiglandis Martens & Chemini, 1988 accepted
Anelasmocephalus tuscus Martens & Chemini, 1988 accepted
Trogulus closanicus Avram, 1971 accepted
Trogulus martensi Chemini, 1983 accepted
Trogulus nepaeformis (Scopoli, 1763) accepted
Trogulus nepaeformis s. l. species group
Trogulus tingiformis C. L. Koch, 1847 accepted
Trogulus tricarinatus (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted

13 species in the family, 80 species in the order.

Pseudoscorpiones, False Scorpions


Atemnus politus (Simon, 1878) accepted

1 species in the family.


Apocheiridium ferum (Simon, 1879) accepted
Cheiridium museorum (Leach, 1817) accepted

2 species in the family.


Chelifer cancroides (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted
Dactylochelifer latreillii (Leach, 1817) accepted
Dactylochelifer latreillii latreillii (Leach, 1817) accepted
Dactylochelifer latreillii septentrionalis Beier, 1932 accepted
Mesochelifer ressli Mahnert, 1981 accepted
Rhacochelifer disjunctus (L. Koch, 1873) accepted

6 species in the family.


Allochernes peregrinus Lohmander, 1939 accepted
Allochernes phaleratus (Simon, 1879) accepted
Allochernes powelli (Kew, 1916) accepted
Allochernes wideri (C. L. Koch, 1843) accepted
Anthrenochernes stellae Lohmander, 1939 accepted
Chernes cimicoides (Fabricius, 1793) accepted
Chernes hahnii (C. L. Koch, 1839) accepted
Chernes nigrimanus Ellingsen, 1897 accepted
Chernes similis (Beier, 1932) accepted
Chernes vicinus (Beier, 1932) accepted
Dendrochernes cyrneus (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Dinocheirus panzeri (C. L. Koch, 1836) accepted
Lamprochernes abditus Christophoryová, Krajčovičová, Šťáhlavský, Španiel & Opatova, 2023 accepted
Lamprochernes chyzeri (Tömösváry, 1883) accepted
Lamprochernes nodosus (Schrank, 1803) accepted
Lamprochernes savignyi (Simon, 1881) accepted
Lasiochernes pilosus (Ellingsen, 1910) accepted
Pselaphochernes anachoreta (Simon, 1878) accepted
Pselaphochernes dubius (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1892) accepted
Pselaphochernes scorpioides (Hermann, 1804) accepted

20 species in the family.


Chthonius alpicola Beier, 1951 accepted
Chthonius campaneti Zaragoza & Vadell, 2013 accepted
Chthonius carinthiacus Beier, 1951 accepted
Chthonius comottii Inzaghi, 1987 accepted
Chthonius densedentatus Beier, 1938 accepted
Chthonius heterodactylus Tömösváry, 1883 accepted
Chthonius horridus Beier, 1934 accepted
Chthonius ischnocheles (Hermann, 1804) accepted
Chthonius lanzai Caporiacco, 1947 accepted
Chthonius orthodactylus (Leach, 1817) accepted
Chthonius pusillus Beier, 1947 accepted
Chthonius pygmaeus Beier, 1934 accepted
Chthonius raridentatus Hadži, 1930 accepted
Chthonius ressli Beier, 1956 accepted
Chthonius submontanus Beier, 1963 accepted
Chthonius tenuis L. Koch, 1873 accepted
Ephippiochthonius boldorii (Beier, 1934) accepted
Ephippiochthonius fuscimanus (Simon, 1900) accepted
Ephippiochthonius kewi (Gabbutt, 1966) accepted
Ephippiochthonius nidicola (Mahnert, 1979) accepted
Ephippiochthonius pyrenaicus (Beier, 1934) accepted
Ephippiochthonius sarmaticus Kolesnikov, Turbanov & Gongalsky, 2019 accepted
Ephippiochthonius tetrachelatus (Preyssler, 1790) accepted
Ephippiochthonius tuberculatus (Hadži, 1937) accepted
Ephippiochthonius vachoni (Heurtault-Rossi, 1963) accepted
Globochthonius globifer (Simon, 1879) accepted
Globochthonius poeninus (Mahnert, 1979) accepted
Mundochthonius carpaticus Rafalski, 1948 accepted
Mundochthonius styriacus Beier, 1971 accepted
Occidenchthonius parmensis (Beier, 1963) accepted

30 species in the family.


Larca lata (Hansen, 1884) accepted

1 species in the family.


Microbisium brevifemoratum (Ellingsen, 1903) accepted
Microbisium suecicum Lohmander, 1945 accepted
Neobisium aelleni Vachon, 1976 accepted
Neobisium aueri Beier, 1962 accepted
Neobisium brevidigitatum (Beier, 1928) accepted
Neobisium caporiaccoi Heurtault-Rossi, 1966 accepted
Neobisium carcinoides (Hermann, 1804) accepted
Neobisium carinthiacum Beier, 1939 accepted
Neobisium carpaticum Beier, 1935 accepted
Neobisium crassifemoratum (Beier, 1928) accepted
Neobisium doderoi (Simon, 1896) accepted
Neobisium dolicodactylum (Canestrini, 1874) accepted
Neobisium dolomiticum Beier, 1952 accepted
Neobisium erythrodactylum (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Neobisium fuscimanum (C. L. Koch, 1843) accepted
Neobisium hermanni Beier, 1938 accepted
Neobisium jugorum (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Neobisium martae lombardicum Beier, 1934 accepted
Neobisium minimum (Beier, 1928) accepted
Neobisium noricum Beier, 1939 accepted
Neobisium polonicum Rafalski, 1936 accepted
Neobisium schenkeli (Strand, 1932) accepted
Neobisium simile (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Neobisium simoni (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Neobisium simoni petzi Beier, 1939 accepted
Neobisium simoni simoni (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Neobisium sylvaticum (C. L. Koch, 1835) accepted
Neobisium validum (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Roncocreagris borgesi Zaragoza & Reboleira, 2013 accepted
Roncocreagris gepesi Zaragoza & Reboleira, 2013 accepted
Roncocreagris occidentalis Zaragoza & Reboleira, 2013 accepted
Roncus alpinus L. Koch, 1873 accepted
Roncus carinthiacus Beier, 1934 accepted
Roncus lubricus L. Koch, 1873 accepted
Roncus remyi Beier, 1934 accepted

35 species in the family.


Lusoblothrus aenigmaticus Zaragoza & Reboleira, 2012 accepted
Pseudoblothrus strinatii Vachon, 1954 accepted
Pseudoblothrus thiebaudi Vachon, 1969 accepted
Syarinus strandi (Ellingsen, 1901) accepted

4 species in the family.


Withius hispanus (L. Koch, 1873) accepted
Withius piger (Simon, 1878) accepted

2 species in the family, 101 species in the order.

Amblypygi, Whip Spiders


Sarax ioanniticus (Kritscher, 1959) accepted

1 species in the family, 1 species in the order.

Scorpiones, Scorpions


Buthus castellano Teruel & Turiel, 2022 accepted
Buthus halius (C. L. Koch, 1838) accepted

2 species in the family.


Alpiscorpius germanus (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Alpiscorpius liburnicus Tvrtković & Rebrina, 2022 accepted
Euscorpius sulfur Kovařík, Audy, Sarbu & Fet, 2023 accepted
Euscorpius tergestinus (C. L. Koch, 1837) accepted
Euscorpius thracicus Kovařík, Lowe, Byronová & Šťáhlavský, 2020 accepted
Polytrichobothrius italicus (Herbst, 1800) accepted

6 species in the family, 8 species in the order.

Palpigradi, Microwhip Scorpions


Eukoenenia austriaca (Hansen, 1926) accepted
Eukoenenia austriaca stinyi (Strouhal, 1936) accepted
Eukoenenia florenciae (Rucker, 1903) accepted

3 species in the family, 3 species in the order.

Schizomida, Shorttailed Whipscorpions


Bucinozomus hortuspalmarum de Armas & Rehfeldt, 2015 accepted
Stenochrus portoricensis Chamberlin, 1922 accepted
Zomus bagnallii (Jackson, 1908) accepted

3 species in the family, 3 species in the order.