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Citation: Arachnologische Gesellschaft (2023): Atlas of the European Arachnids, accessed at on {date of access}

Board of Experts

The following experts check and approve new records in the system, depending on the order of the species and the locality of the record. New records may only be visible to the general public after they have been vetted by these experts.
Ambros Hänggi
Araneae, Switzerland
Christoph Muster
Araneae, Saxony
Araneae, Thuringia
Pseudoscorpiones, Germany
Opiliones, any locations
Dieter Martin
Araneae, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Gabriel Kirchmair
Pseudoscorpiones, Austria
Hubert Höfer
Araneae, Baden-Württemberg
Karl-Hinrich Kielhorn
Araneae, Brandenburg
Araneae, Berlin
Araneae, Saxony-Anhalt
Martin Lemke
Araneae, Hamburg
Araneae, Schleswig-Holstein
Steffen Bayer
Araneae, Rhineland-Palatinate
Araneae, Saarland
Theo Blick
Araneae, Bavaria
Araneae, Hesse
Araneae, any locations
All orders, any locations

Michael Hohner

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Vernacular names

The vernacular names used here follow these publications: