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Araneae, True Spiders

Family Species Date rangeNumberMaturitySexSourceLocationHabitat typeSituation descr.Collection methodIdentification characteristicleg. det. vid. coll. coll. 2 CommentsTags
Agelenidae, Funnelweb spidersEratigena atrica accepted2022-09-011matureFundmeldungen von M. MalekOberzettlitz, Kulmbach (TK 25 no. 5934)J1: Buildings of cities, towns and villagesSighting/photo of habitusunknownM. MalekM. Hohner
Zoropsidae, False wolf spidersZoropsis spinimana accepted2023-01-181unknownFundmeldungen von Kerstin Hagen-Mann, NeudrossenfeldHornungsreuth, 95512 Neudrossenfeld (TK 25 no. 5934)J1.2: Residential buildings of villages and urban peripheriesSighting/photo of habitusHabitusKerstin Hagen-MannBlick

2 records, 2 species, min. 2 recorded specimens