Hohner M (2011): Wiederfund der Kugelspinne Theridion betteni in Sachsen-Anhalt. – Naturschutz im Land Sachsen-Anhalt 48 (1+2): 60–61 

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Family Species Date rangeNumberMaturitySexLocationHabitat typeSituation descr.Collection methodIdentification characteristicleg. det. vid. coll. coll. 2 Comments
Theridiidae, Comb-footed spidersTheridion betteni valid2011-05-153matureWald bei Mönchsbuche (TK 25 no. 4130)G5.83: Recently felled areas, formerly mixed broadleaved and coniferous treesHand collectionVulvaMichael HohnerMichael HohnerHohner MH-2011-0017

1 record, 1 species, min. 3 recorded specimens