Fundmeldungen von Wolfgang Dorow, Frankfurt/M. 

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Araneae, True Spiders

Family Species Date rangeNumberMaturitySexLocationHabitat typeSituation descr.Collection methodIdentification characteristicleg. det. vid. coll. coll. 2 Comments
Salticidae, Jumping spidersHeliophanus flavipes accepted2021-06-031matureFrankfurt/M, Sossenheimer Unterfeld, Streuobst, Insektenhotel 1 (TK 25 no. 5817)G1.D: Fruit and nut tree orchardsBeute von Agenioideus cinctellus (Pompilidae), WeibchenHand collectionGenitalsDorowBlickTB Proj 38, Sto 19
Theridiidae, Comb-footed spidersPhylloneta impressa accepted2021-06-251matureFrankfurt/M, Sossenheimer Unterfeld, Streuobst, Insektenhotel 2 (TK 25 no. 5817)G1.D: Fruit and nut tree orchardsBeute von Trypoxylon figulus (Crabronidae)Hand collectionGenitalsDorowBlickTB Proj 38, Sto 18
Thomisidae, Crab spidersSynema globosum accepted2021-07-022unknownunknownFrankfurt/M, Nied, Grüne Winkel (TK 25 no. 5817)I2.2: Small-scale ornamental and domestic garden areasSighting/photo of habitusHabitusDorowBlick

3 records, 3 species, min. 4 recorded specimens