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Family Species Date rangeNumberMaturitySexSourceLocationBiotope typeSituation descr.Collection methodIdentification characteristicleg. det. vid. coll. coll. 2 Comments
AraneidaeArgiope bruennichi valid1990–1998unknownunknownfrom: Altmüller R (1998)TK 25 Nr. 3415: Damme *: unknownunknownunknown
LinyphiidaeKarita paludosa valid (as Carorita paludosa)19952maturefrom: Merkens S (1995)Grünland westlich des Dümmers (TK 25 no. 3415)E3: Seasonally wet and wet grasslandsin nasser StreuschichtunknownunknownMerkensMerkensSchikora

2 records, 2 species, min. 3 recorded specimens