Gajdoš P, Szinetár C, Román K, Šestáková A, Purgat P & Černecká Ľ (2020): Clubiona pseudoneglecta and Paratrachelas maculatus, two spider species new to the Slovak fauna (Araneae: Clubionidae, Trachelidae). – Arachnologische Mitteilungen 60: 44–49; DOI: 10.30963/aramit6009 

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Araneae, True Spiders

Family Species Date rangeNumberMaturitySexLocationHabitat typeSituation descr.Collection methodIdentification characteristicleg. det. vid. coll. coll. 2 Comments
Clubionidae, Sac spidersClubiona pseudoneglecta accepted2019-06-24–2019-07-081matureTomášikovský presyp Natural Monument (SK Grid 7972)E1.9: Open non-Mediterranean dry acid and neutral grassland, including inland dune grasslandPitfall trapunknownP. Gajdoš & P. PurgatP. Gajdoš
Clubionidae, Sac spidersClubiona pseudoneglecta accepted2018-07-07–2018-08-081matureNature Reserve Síky (SK Grid 7773)E6: Inland salt steppesPitfall trapunknownP. GajdošP. Gajdoš
Clubionidae, Sac spidersClubiona pseudoneglecta accepted2016-06-10–2016-06-304matureŠenkvice cattle farm (SK Grid 7670)E5.1: Anthropogenic herb standsMalaise trapunknownO. MajzlanP. Gajdošfirst record in SK
TrachelidaeParatrachelas maculatus accepted2017-12-03–2018-01-182matureUrban parks in the town of Galanta (SK Grid 7872)I2.23: Small parks and city squaresunder the bark of Tilia cordata and Pinus nigraOtherunknownK. Román & C. SzinetárC. Szinetárfirst record in SK

4 records, 2 species, min. 8 recorded specimens